Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a Shiv Yog Forum?

Babaji has introduced the concept of forming Shiv Yog Forums where we all can be in Baba ji’s aura, enjoying the advanced progressive sadhnas. Where all the Shivyogis can do collective sadhnas and activities which will lead to 200% materialistic and spiritual growth receiving 200% guidance from our Baba Ji and Ishan ji. For this a forum is a setup of a center where group of like-minded positive people and achievers get together through memberships and meet on a day every week. The ashram sends every forum valuable sessions, prayers, meditations, ShivYog practices, sankirtans and special messages from Babaji and Ishan ji every week. The members get together and practice the sessions, which enable them to remain in the aura of their Guru and keep in practice throughout the week what they have learnt until they meet next week for further progression. Babaji calls this program as CLP – continuous learning program.


  1. Can a Satsang Center be a Shiv Yog Forum?

Any Satsang Center can be the foundation of a Shiv Yog Forum. A satsang Center can apply for becoming a Shiv Yog Forum if it fulfils all criteria.


  1. How to apply to form a Shiv Yog Forum?

Once you have minimum 30 members enrolled you can submit the details for formal approval of the Forum. Then all the details need to be filled in ‘Forum Formation Form’. After filling all details the form needs to be mailed to [email protected] To download the form please click here.

Once the completely filled Performa is submitted, a detailed evaluation will be conducted by a team nominated by Shiv Yog Forum followed by a discussion.


  1. How long does it take to get an approval for Forum?

Application once submitted to Ashram needs a min of 21 days for necessary processing and approval.


  1. What is the minimum number to start a Shiv Yog Forum?

Minimum 20 members, the number of members can be more as per the availability of the space of your Shiv Yog Forum.


  1. If we have less than 20 members, can we apply to create a Forum?

Yes, if you are confident of enrolling 20 members in due course of time, the application can be submitted for valuation and enrolment can continue, but in such cases the approval will be at the discretion of the Shiv Yog Forum.


  1. Who are eligible to create a Shiv Yog Forum?

For the initiation of a Shiv Yog Forum following qualities are ascertained:

  • Loyalty towards Guru.
  • Good family background.
  • Good managerial and leadership skills.


  1. What is the governing body of the Forum?

The Forum operates through its governing body:

  • President – To ensure complete functioning of Forum as per guidelines defined by Shiv Yog.
  • Vice-president – Responsible for all the execution and finances related to Forum. Like divine shop sales, membership contributions, etc.
  • Secretary – To maintain all MIS data related to events, expenses, divine shop sales, attendance, meeting minutes etc. Interacting with Shiv Yog to share all relevant data points, reports on defined frequency and in defined template.


  1. What if someone is interested to be part of governing body of Forum but they are not Shiv Yog sadhaks and have never attended any Shiv Yog shivir?

Although this will be a very rare case, the approval of being a board member lies on discretion of Ashram once the application is submitted.


  1. How the does the Forums operate?

Forum will form the following committees within Forum:

  • Forum Committee (SOC) – Responsible for holding weekly Satsang on fixed time andplace and  making arrangements for receiving the telecast of Baba Ji’s messages.
  • Community service (Seva) Committee (CSC) ‒ Working under the guidance of Guru results in the evolution of the sadhaks. The committees will be a part of the vision of Baba Ji and will walk hand in hand with Baba Ji spreading the light of the divine teachings of Shiv Yog to the world by organizing various Shivirs like DSS/ShivYog Kissan/Saraswati Deeksha etc.
  • Awareness/Expansion/PR committee (AEC) – Responsible for creating awareness about Forum activities and spreading the message of Shiv Yog, expanding memberships.


  1. What is the Process to initiate Shiv Yog Forum?

A. Complete the profile in webapp and share SYID which will give Ashram the required information of:

  1. Shiv Yog Journey.
  2. Details on the shivirs attended
  3. Daily Sadhna Schedule
  4. Divine Experiences (if any) etc.

B. Fill in the online Forum Initiation Form with following details:

  1. Details of the core team – President, Vice president and Secretary.
  2. List of 20 Shiv Yog Sadhaks as members. Can be filled in form.
  3. Details of the Venue for Weekly Satsang.
  4. Geographical area to be covered by the Forum.
  5. References


12. How is Shiv Yog Forum different from a satsang center?

  • Satsang center is open to general public whereas Shiv Yog Forum would be like an inner circle which is exclusively for registered members who would be sincere Shiv Yog Sadhaks who are committed to Baba Ji as their Guru and sincerely follow the teachings of Shiv Yog.
  • Satsang center has only limited basic satsang modules whereas Shiv Yog Forum will offer member sadhaks opportunities of very deep and sacred dhyans and also live sessions of Sadhnas and lectures on various topics with Babaji (through satellite and video streaming) empowering them to lead 200% successful life.
  • Shiv Yog Forums may also host live healing sessions of Babaji.
  • Shiv Yog Forums will also provide opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development with help of community service and social activities.
  • Babaji would be personally guiding the Shiv Yog Forums and providing them with progressive Shiv Yog Sadhnas as they progress.


  1. As a Shiv Yog Forum, Can we organize events in each other home in rotation?

The Venue for Shiv Yog Forum is fixed for a year. All the details of the Venue are to be duly filled in the Shiv Yog Forum Formation Form. The same will be uploaded on website The venue can be shifted by prior approval only if you get a better location to accommodate the respective members.


  1. Can Shiv Yog Forum be joined by a person who is not a sadhak?

Yes Shiv Yog Forum is open to all.


  1. Is there any age limit to be a member?

Anyone above the age of 8 years can become member.


  1. On which day weekly event of the Forum should take place?

The day for weekly event of Forum can be chosen by board members. It should be one day in a week which is a public holiday. For e.g. in a country like Dubai the day can be chosen as Friday which is a non-working day in Dubai. Similarly in US or Canada either Saturday or Sunday can be chosen to hold Forum sessions.


  1. Does the weekly event needs to happen on a fixed weekday and timing?

Yes. If Saturday is chosen as day of weekly event by board members of Forum then event in that Forum should happen on every Saturday at the same time. The weekday and the timings of each Forum will also be uploaded on which makes the board members necessary to maintain the standards.


  1. Does weekday needs to be same for all Forums in a district?

It’s suggested to keep different weekdays for each Forum in a district. For e.g. if there are 2 Forums in city of California then weekday of one Forum can be kept as Saturday while weekday of another Forum can be kept as Sunday. This way if any member misses a session of Forum on Saturday then he/she can attend the same in another Forum on Sunday.


  1. What timings of a day can be kept for weekly event of Forum?

Any timings which is comfortable for all members can be chosen for a Forum. The time once fixed should not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances.


  1. How long will a session end during a weekly event?

The session length will be different based upon different sadhnas, discourse etc that Baba ji will cover for that week. Appx duration will be around 2 hrs.


  1. How much attendance a member should have in weekly events of Forum?

Every member should try to keep the attendance 100%. Babaji’s plans of conducting higher deekshas in 2017 in Karjat Ashram will be for selected members. Attendance of a member in a Forum will be one of the parameters of selection.


  1. Are there any pre-requisites for members?

Yes, the person has to create the SYID, complete his online profile and pay the membership Fees online.


  1. What is the duration of membership?

Membership is for 365 days and can be renewed one month before the expiry date.


  1. What is the tenure of the Forum?

The tenure of the Forum will be for one year and will be re-approved annually based on the performance.


   25. How will the new Governing Body will be selected at the end of the year?

The new body will be nominated by existing Governing body members based on the performance and capabilities of sadhak during the course of the year as part of various committees. There will be no election to choose the new Governing body and it will be purely based on nomination.


   26. Can a person become Forum member anytime during the year?

Yes. Once a Forum is initiated within any of the two above annual periods, people can become members of Forum anytime during the year.


   27. Is there a cut-off date to send Forum creation application?

The cut-off dates to send Forum creation application is 15-May and 15-Nov each year. That is 45 days before start of respective annual period. Any application sent after cut-off dates will undergo processing for subsequent annual period.


   28. How much will the membership Fees?

Since the fees differ every year, please contact on [email protected] to know more about fees.


   29. How will the Forum be identified with a name?

The name of a Forum has to follow the standard naming convention as Shivyog_CityName_RegionName.

Name will be chosen and approved by Shiv Yog Patrons every year by District governor next year onwards. If there are multiple Forums in a region then Patron or District Governor may choose to rename it as Shivyog_CityName_RegionName_Forum, etc.


   30. Can anyone become a member of more than one Forum?

No. Membership is only for one Forum at a time.


   31. Can children be brought inside Forum premises?

Only children above 8 yrs age who are registered members of Forum are allowed. Small children who are not registered are not to be allowed inside the Forum.


   32. What if a member goes out of town for few weeks?

Shiv Yog Forums are being created in every major city of the world. The member is free to attend any Forum across the world provided he/she carries a valid membership card.


   33. How are the sessions of Babaji/Ishan ji going to be conducted every week?

Board members of Forum will be sent instructions to download Shivyog app. Through this app they will be able to play the sessions. This episode will be played in the forum on the scheduled day each week.


   34. I want to create a Forum but I don’t have 20 members in the region I live. What should I do?

The Shiv Yog Forum application can be submitted to Ashram with whatever number of members you have at this moment. Ashram will try its best to provide you with database of all sadhaks living in that region so that you can contact them for their interest in membership of your Forum.


   35. Can we have an online group or any such group on any online social networking group?

No other outlet or form of groups other than a approved and registered ShivYog forum is allowed.


In case of any other questions, please contact us on [email protected]