Siddha Healing & Meditation Program- Level 1

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Siddha Healing & Meditation Program- Level 1
Shivyog Boston seva team humbly invites you to Siddha Healing & Meditation Program- Level 1 at Sri Dwarkamai Shirdi Sai Temple Billerica, MA on April 2 & 3, 2016 and a free of cost introductory, mass healing session on Friday, April 1. Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji, a holy enlightened Master fondly known as “Babaji” will initiate and empower the seekers beyond the limitations of time, space and his physical presence through energized audio/video digital recordings, to will bring self-awareness and heal body, mind and soul.

The Holy Masters or Siddhas say that the cure for every disease is possible and that we should first understand how and where a disease is formed. The root-cause of every disease is psychosomatic, caused by the interplay of negative deeds, negative emotions, negative energy and negative vibrations. The healing must take place holistically in all the five subtle bodies, where these psychosomatic factors are stored, for the complete cure. In modern cure of medicine, the doctor is focused only on the physical body, when actually there are four other bodies and so many more factors at play when a disease surfaces. Next, the medicine is prepared by synthetic chemicals, which may have side effects and which involve, for a large part, only the suppression of the symptoms rather than overall cure. These chemicals in fact, replicate the effect of natural secretions in our body, which the Shivyog teachings explain how to trigger on our own. The healing powers are inherent in every human being but remain dormant. Babaji activates these powers in us through initiation and empowerment for connecting with the universal healing energy. Through regular practice, sadhaks are able to cure themselves of all diseases and any negativity which results in making their lives healthy, whole and complete.
Babaji insists that healing is the Divine’s grace. Being healthy, happy and fit is normal and the birthright of every human being. In this program, sadhaks will learn breathing techniques and exercises for physical purification and various healing meditations involving chakras and organs to achieve total health.

To learn more about this program, visit OR register on Feel free to call 508-616-6903 or 603-557-2863 or write to [email protected]