Advait Sri Vidya Ashram

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – May all beings in the cosmos be healthy and happy

The mission of ShivYog is to bring health, happiness and divinity in everyone’s lives. The yogic kriyas and meditations of ancient times which were capable of bringing health, happiness and success into the lives of sadhaks were kept as a closely guarded secret. Advait Sri Vidya, the sadhana of bhog and moksha, was practiced by the secret society of ShivYog. The Himalayan yogi Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand is revealing this sacred practice to all his disciples. Revival of Advait Sri Vidya is the gift Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand is giving to men and women of modern society.  

There is no written scripture or temple of Advait Sri Vidya in the world. We are very pleased to inform you that we are building the first ever Advait Sri Vidya temple along with a ShivYog ashram for the first time in the USA.  As an Advait Sri Vidya sadhak (Follower), you are a source of tremendous positive energy wherever you go. Advait Sri Vidya is the sadhana of the universe and has immeasurable depth. Dr. Shivanand is now gifting us with an Advait Sri Vidya Ashram in the USA to help sadhaks purify themselves, receive the higher grace of the sadhana and to facilitate transformation in their lives. The Advait Sri Vidya Ashram will educate all those seeking healing, prosperity, abundance, spiritual growth and self realization. 

Those who contribute in building the ashram will be showered with the grace of the divine mother. This time we want the grace to reach to everyone. Although, ShivYog has never asked for donations since its beginning, this time, ShivYog wants the blessings to reach to everyone. Please come forward and receive great, great blessings for you and your family for this great cause.  The construction of Sri vidya temple and ashram in USA is an event of lifetime! Why not come forward and be a part of this historical event! Receive blessings for you and your family. ShivYog never asked for donations but always emphasized on importance of seva.  This time, ShivYog wants the blessings to reach out to everyone by giving this opportunity to be a part of this divine mission.Those who contribute in building the ashram, the grace of Divine mother will shower on them. The path of Advait Sri Vidya is known for its numerous benefits. Contributing to this cause brings tremendous KARMIC benefits and can align you with the path of prosperity, success and satisfaction. ShivYog USA INVITES you to be a part of this superlatively divine process.Transform your life and make the most of your human birth.

ShivYog USA is a non-profit organization registered in USA.


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