Touching Lives

touching lives
Shiv Yog, as stated earlier, implies union with the infinite to emerge infinite. The merger of the self with the infinite creates enormous possibilities of healing various cross sections of society, situations and circumstances and allowing for the various applications of Shiv Yog to touch lives in a positive manner irreversibly.
The high therapeutic quotient of the holistic healing of Shiv Yog has complemented modern medicine in ushering in complete cure as opposed to symptomatic relief of chronic problems through medical treatment per se. Moreover, numerous doctors have turned their clinics into Shiv Yog healing centres where they combine the traditional with the modern for healing to be as smooth as ever.
The subtle nature of the healing vibrations of the holistic processes of Shiv Yog finds utility in revolutionizing agriculture and dairy practice by energizing of seeds, undoing the ill effects of genetic tampering, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, providing buffer against erratic weather, minimizing costs, enhancing farm output, ensuring farm and cattle health etc.
The ability of Shiv Yog energy as a rejuvenator and a powerful stress reliever has lead to its widespread use by government officers, judges, bureaucrats and other officials involved in public dealings who come across mammoth proportions of stressful interactions with the public on a daily basis while redressing grievances.
The traditional aspect of Shiv Yog which includes yogic processes and respiratory mechanisms has endeared it to the Yoga practitioners who have happily embraced Shiv Yog in their curriculum to witness a sea change in their routine regimen as they find themselves immersed in deep meditative state of healing while performing physical asanas.
The benefit of excellent concentration that Shiv Yog meditations impart has been of immense use to the students who have reported significant improvements in their ability to focus which ultimately translates in their improved grades and better academic performance.
At the forefront of those reaping direct benefits from Shiv Yog processes are also teachers and professors who are combining the positive energy derived from the healing modalities and are seeing a remarkable change in their efficiency of imparting education as also the phenomenal results of their pupils.
Shiv Yog is also helping eligible bachelors and bachelorettes find their soul mates. Families have found absolute cordiality, comfort, happiness, cooperation and warmth in relationships through surfacing of the best in them by regular practice of Shiv Yog. Now, the super happy Shiv Yog families are desirous of seeking a match for their sons and daughters. Someone who shares similar energy of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. They have been highly grateful to Baba ji and Shiv Yog for making divine additions to their family. Shiv Yog has been instrumental in providing soul mates to prospective couples for the proverbial “match made in heaven” scenario.
And it is not as if Shiv Yog has touched only these sections of society. Every day, people from new fields employ Shiv Yog to better their personal and professional lives in untold ways and in turn spread cheer, good health, happiness and joy.