ShivYog Self-Healing

The powerhouse of healing wisdom Holy Siddhas say that every disease is psychosomatic, caused by an interplay of negative deeds, negative emotions, negative energy and negative vibrations. The modern cure of diseases, however, revolves around three aspects, namely Doctor, Patient and Medicine. The doctor is focused only on the physical body, when actually there are four other bodies and so many more factors at play when a disease surfaces. The patient, for his part, is entirely reliant on the doctor to cure him. That means, he is just playing a passive role of a spectator, letting others effect healing, when he seeks improvement in his own conditions and the disease that affects him has been caused by factors for which he himself is solely accountable. Next, the medicine is prepared by synthetic chemicals, which may have side effects and which involve, for a large part, only the suppression of the symptoms rather than overall cure. These chemicals in fact, replicate the effect of natural secretions in our body which the Shiv Yog teachings explain how to trigger on our own. In the wake of such limited cure, it is quite clear that the negative deeds, emotions, energy and vibrations mentioned initially are not factored in when modern medicine begins curing a patient. It is here that Shiv Yog steps in. The Shambhavi Shakti, is a major step in empowering an individual with healing powers, inherent but unawakened in him, such that he is able to establish the connection with the cosmic powers for his exponential spiritual growth, understand the healing of the five bodies and improve the overall quality of all other aspects his life by healing them too. The Shambhavi sadhna of Shiv Yog opens the gateway to spiritual growth and eventually Self-Realization for a human being. After receiving the Shambhavi Initiation, a seeker experiences continuous flow of the divinehealing energy through both his eyes and also through his subtle third eye, located between the two brows that is at the center of the forehead. Inner peace and tranquility, the perception of a Higher energy called God, ascension of the unascended ancestors are only by-products of the highest spiritual gain which the self healing Shambhavi bestows. Charity begins at home. So, the first stage of Shambhavi initiation involves the activation of powers which enable the person to cure himself of all the diseases and other negativity in life, by ‘switching on’ the mode of divinity in his life. Because a person can experience the love, joy and success with others and help them too in a substantive way, only when his consciousness is associated with that of the supreme consciousness. Thus the Shambhavi self-healingis a significant and fundamental step to begin one’s spiritual journey and enjoy uncountable worldly benefits – from healing to prosperity, from cordial relationships to remedying of adversarial planetary positions, from resolving Vaastu doshas to creating a life of one’s own liking.