Advait Shree Vidhya Sadhna

maaLTAfter perishing once and being revived by Adi Shankracharya, as mentioned earlier, Sri Vidya again went out of the mainstream, becoming an extremely limited practice belonging to a countable few. This is attributed to the fact that as times went by, negativity too spread and such powerful wisdom in irresponsible hands would have meant disaster. The spiritually awakened sages, who were also worldly wise, realized this and so the wisdom of Sri Vidya was entrusted only with a few, dependable and worthy seers.

 As a consequence, by 20th century, the sacred science was only with a handful of sages and the Advait practice of Sri Vidya being today with only one alive saint – Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand.

In the 21st century, the divine powers have ordained Dr. Shivanand to revive this otherworldly science of Sri Vidya. However, the past saints have believed that the science of Sri Vidya can only be transferred from an awakened soul of the Guru to His worthiest of disciple and one has to prove himself by showcasing exemplary scrupulousness.

But the benevolent soul that He is, Dr. Shivanand believes that the whole of humanity is worthy (supatra) for Him or at least will become when the transformation begins. He reckons all and sundry to be eligible for receiving the initiation into this otherwise esoteric meditation, preserve only of the pious niche.

Dr. Shivanand has painstakingly attained mastery in this immensely sacred meditation after years of penance. But he has no qualms in parting with this hard got knowledge to the masses as he wants to make the most of His spiritual sojourn for His limited time on this planet. His unconditional love for humanity at large makes Him share the holiest and the most closely guarded of divine methods which He Himself accomplished with extreme hard work and dedication after being initiated at a tender age of 8 by his Guru.

Dr. Shivanand believes that there is no God holier than the one residing within us. He underlines as much by exclaiming time and again “aapko dhyao, aapko bhajo, aap mein aapke ram aap hokar rehte hain” (Worship but yourself, hail but yourself. Your God resides within you. Infact you yourself are God).

This philosophy greatly helps in Advait Sri Vidya where the devotee becomes one with the Maha Meru and in meditating on the Meru, he ends up meditating on himself to unravel his real self.

Dr. Shivanand says that it is of no use if he just gives us the covert mantra. The power lies not merely in the mantra but in the Sri Vidya shakti, which comes with devotion, dedication and allegiance to the Guru.

It is Dr. Shivanand’s vision to kindle the flame of Sri Vidya in every household so that such a special spiritual practice does not ever become extinct.

He states in categorical terms that all the ills plaguing the modern mankind has their genesis in us forgetting our real selves. Sri Vidya, He believes will help stem the rot and lead not only the worshipers but their fellow beings into divine bliss.

Shiv Yog invites you to be a part of this superlatively divine process, transform your life and make the most of your human birth.