Nature has empowered only a human being to transform his current state of being from worse to better, from better to best and from best to eternal. For this, a human being has been endowed with emotions. To experience different emotions, there are actions. Self transformation through Shiv Yog takes place when a certain series of actions ignite the flame of compassion and consideration, affection and appreciation in a human being. The process involves evolution from being animalistic to humanistic and from humanistic to the beautifully divine, the eternally blissful. This marvelous metamorphosis of a soul happens through holistic actions which Dr. Shivanand calls Nishkam Sewa or Selfless Service.


Dr. Shivanand has always guided the seekers to walk on a path which paves the way for making every action in life a holistic one. Evolution is all about bringing purity of intention, tenacity of purpose and unconditional love in every action of ours, says the ocean of wisdom and mercy, Dr. Shivanand. He prescribes selfless service to all for bringing in such a progressive outlook to personality development and holisitic evolution. It is not as if Dr. Shivanand has instructed humane virtues for self transformation out of the blue. He has first himself practiced untold selfless service to Mother Nature, the hermits, the hungry, the needy, the school going children, the aged and to all sections of the society which have ever needed help. Aside from meditation and chanting, he has laid out Altruistic Service as a means to raise one’s consciousness and effect a transformation of the self.