Science Beyond Science

His Holinesss Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji hails from the lineage of Spiritually Realised Masters known as ‘The Siddhas’, who have not only scaled greater spiritual heights, but with it perfected the art of faith healing. This lineage is often termed as Shiv Yog. Baba ji says that he is privileged to have been carrying the mantle of such a holy system and wants the benefits of his stupendous healing powers to reach one and all. More significantly, he desires that doctors – who are veritable Gods for patients – to inculcate simple additions to their standard operating procedures.

Baba ji is of the view, that the modern human believes in the effectiveness of a procedure more when it is supported by scientific data. So, he engaged a league of noted pathologists and doctors to document the changes which occur in an individual once he receives the most potent spiritual healing energy of Shiv Yog. And the results have been noteworthy as the medical reports reveal.

Baba ji has conducted several “Science Beyond Science” seminars for doctors in India and the US to show them the benefits of combining modern medical science with ancient Indian healing for maximizing the results of their cure to the patients.

Shiv Yog methodologies encompass, among other things, the art and science of healing the person as a whole rather than rectifying just a single body part. Shiv Yog envisages a treatment which works at all levels of the body, mind and soul. Shiv Yog therefore, is a cosmic science being practiced since the Vedic times and which makes a human being aware of the infinite potential he has to heal himself. After having mastered the art of spiritual healing, Baba ji says there is a strong desire in him to explain the energy concept to every interested individual, foremost among them being doctors who engineer the restoration of health in their patients and who should learn this concept to heal humanity with more conviction and satisfaction.