Rhythm of Universe

The creation that we see around is nothing but vibrations that has manifested from sound. Everything was created from light, which birthed from the sound of the primordial OM. This divine wave of sound gave rise to waves of vibration from higher to lower frequencies. Every wave of sound gave birth to different forms and shapes at every level of sound frequency. The creation of the highest dimensions remains invisible to human eyes because of their high frequency that is cannot be intercepted by normal human senses.

The lower vibrations of sound are the denser forms that has birthed the planets and nature and life that is visible to us. Everything in nature is attuned to that rhythm of the vibration. Thus everything in creation is rhythm, Everything around moves in rhythm. The atoms, water, air, creatures, birds, trees, fishes, organs, anything and everything in rhythm. This rhythm is the secret of the Universe. When one attunes to this divine rhythm by raising one’s own vibrations one’s consciousness also is raised. This becomes easier in the presence of a Master who radiates those high vibrations as He is attuned to that Universal Rhythm.

By attuning to such high vibrations and attuning to the rhythm, Babaji teaches how one can be in synchronicity with Higher Consciousness and how one can slowly bring that rhythm in every aspect of life.

To uplift and ascend everyone in tune with the cosmic divine vibrations, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji often shares the magic of this rhythm with music with many RHYTHM OF UNIVERSE concerts around the world.