The Path of Shiv Yog

Like the vast academic learning, Shiv Yog too is a vast education system comprised by various steps of progression. And since Shiv Yog is the path of awareness, we must know where we stand on the map.

So, here we delineate for you the ideal manner of progression on the hallowed Shiv Yog path.

As a beginner, you will kick start your journey with these sadhnas:

  •  Shiv Yog Healing Dhyan (which will make you aware of your internal anatomy as well as the fuve subtle bodies, dispensing healing on the same)
  •  Durga Saptashati Sadhna (which will begin the process of churning of the inner sea. This will rid you of the baser tendencies which are the biggest teething trouble in receiving the higher grace)

 You will then progress to these

  •  Shambhavi dhyan (After gaining mindfulness of the physical body followed by the awareness of the subtle bodies, the Shambhavi dhyan will awaken the higher and subtler healing powers, activating the energy in these subtle bodies for an improved spiritual experience)

 And finally,

  • Shree Vidya (The ultimate Shiv Yog sadhna and the most powerful meditation in the world, known only to a selected few and capable of being taught by the only living Shree Vidya Guru as of this date – Baba ji. This is the acme of spiritual practice. It is potent enough to materialise all your wishes and dematerialise all the negativity for a smooth spiritual sailing. No meditation can impart Self Realisation as fast and as smoothly as Shree Vidya. Words cannot describe it. So it is best left to be experienced)

This is the ideal progression chart. Just as one moves from class I to class II in schooling, this too is a step wise process. Bypassing any stage will be like trying to run a 100m race without knowing how to stand. The runner will stumble and fall in the next step, thus cursing the land, the process etc. So, the real import of Shiva within you can only be understood in an orderly manner, following the nuanced approach of the great teacher that is Baba ji.

You will have to perform the sadhnas of Shambhavi and Shree Vidya at home as taught by Baba ji and Ishanji. This much driving you will have to do to take your spiritual vehicle further.

Now, to increase the speed of your vehicle, Baba ji and Ishan ji will lend their accelerating force. Every six months after you receive your first initiation, you would be required to attend the Prati Prasav sadhna shivir to further clean yourself. You will feel a tangible enhancement in the sadhnas you perform at home, after you do the Prati Prasav shivirs.

In addition to the minimum 2 Prati Prasav shivirs a year, you are best advised to attend the Art of Dying and Self Realisation shivir once every annum.

So, three shivirs in the year by your Guru you will have to attend to help boost the pace of your purification. In these shivirs, you will have to just receive the grace. Nothing will have to be done at your end either during or after the shivir. You will continue your normal sadhna routine even after the shivir.

The best part about the path of Shiv Yog taught by Baba ji is that the healing energy which you receive and help hone through your persistent efforts day in and day out, does not just stay with you. This energy is contagious. So, that effectively means that the healing benefits of just you following the complete Shiv Yog process will accrue to your loved ones, the energy of your house, your workplace, your pets, your plants, your colleagues and you will see a positive transformation in all aspects of your life with you having to do just the much taught by Baba ji.

A diagrammatic explanation of the path that an individual traverses in Shiv Yog. Prati Prasav and Art of Self Realisation programmes are the nucleus of the three other meditations. Healing Dhyan and Durga Saptashati sadhna are the entry level programmes. That means you start your journey after attending these shivirs and learning these meditations. After this, you practice them daily as guided during the shivir. You then become eligible to learn the higher meditation of Shambhavi sadhna. Upon learning the Shambhavi meditation you practice it your end, just like you did in the first step. After purifying yourself and smoothening your life further, you reach the ultimate meditation of not only Shiv Yog but the whole universe – Shree Vidya sadhna.

Every shivir that you attend makes you purer. It is not like if you have attended Shree Vidya shivir, you should not attend Shambhavi again or Healing dhyan again. You are free to attend shivirs down the hierarchy for greater purity.

Regular practice is a quality you have to compulsorily keep to evolve. Whether you are a Durga Saptashati sadhak, Shambhavi sadhak or Shree Vidya sadhak, you have to perform them daily like taught in the shivir.

In order to enhance your purity level, twice every year you should attend the Prati Prasav sadhna and once every year the Art of Self Realisation shivir. During these 2 shivirs, you will merely have to receive the grace. You do not have to do anything at your end upon going back. You just have to continue your normal meditation.


  1. There are three steps of core meditations that are to be done at your end.
  1. As you learn and practice the new higher meditations, you may discontinue the performance of the sadhnas learnt earlier.
  1. To boost the sadhnas performed at your level, you will be aided by the merciful and the ever so loving Baba ji and equally endearing Ishan ji. Once every six months, you will attend Prati Prasav sadhna. And once a year you will attend the Art of Self Realisation grand ascension programme to boost your prospects of attaining spiritual perfection.

If you follow this path, you are on your way to unearthing and meeting your true self as Baba ji says when you start to worship thyself, “Aaapko aap ji ke darshan hote hain”.

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