Jyot Se Jyot Jagao

‘Jyot se jyot jagao’. What a beautiful spiritual significance this phrase holds in the life of every sincere seeker. Once you receive enlightenment from a Siddha Guru, you offer your reciprocation by relaying this flame of wisdom to others, so that like you, others too can transform their lives in the most brilliant of ways after receiving the divine grace from the Supreme Source.

The rivers of worship and rituals all have their common point of ending – in the ocean of divine peace and inner joy. Imagine you being the driver of this peace and joy.

You have this honour now – of organizing and spreading the flame of enlightenment to the universe like never before through Durga Saptashati sadhna in keeping with the divine motto of Baba ji, of ensuring a DSS centre in every neighbourhood of the country to banish crime, disease and suffering completely.

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Organizing a divine DSS event at your home or locality is easy .


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