How does ShivYog work?

Though there are many types of practices in ShivYog that is taught by Dr. Shivanand himself to enhance one’s life and situations, Dr. Shivanand insists that Shiv Yog practices are not techniques or methods but entirely about grace. Dr. Shivanand says if one is involved in ShivYog with total surrender and pure intentions grace has to flow. The processes are nothing but ways to connect to the highest dimension and receive the grace of the divine. A ShivYog sadhak with his sincere and regular practices not only brings phenomenal changes to his life but also becomes a powerful medium to bring changes in others around him thus contributing to raising of the universal consciousness. In ShivYog, a practitioner of ShivYog need not coerce or attempt to bring forceful changes in others since the greatest teaching is to accept everyone the way they are. Dr. Shivanand stresses that one has to focus only on one’s purification and as one’s energies increase and radiate out to the world, it starts automatically bringing positive changes in people and situations around him. Also, a ShivYog sadhak leads others by example.


The effect of the sadhanas in ShivYog begins right from every shivir. As Dr. Shivanand showers his grace on seekers with deeksha or initiation with shaktipath, the dormant shakti or power of kundalini lying dormant or sleeping state in the mooladhara is activated that now starts rising upwards towards the sahastrar chakra. During this process many karma’s of many lifetimes are burnt thus initiating kriyas and bringing experiences to the seekers who surrender to the grace of the Guru and Divine. Deep states of tranquility and peace can be experienced as the shivir progresses bringing in healing of physical, mental and emotional states. Many states of healing through joy, laughter, crying, bliss, and ecstasy can be seen all around. These experienced can be witnessed by just being tuned in and sitting in the vicinity of the Master.

An open approach and surrender to the processes will help a seeker go a long way with the practice of Shiv Yog sadhana. Anyone who has a willingness to take responsibility for one’s own life situations and desire to bring a change and transform one’s life and the life of others with pure intentions becomes an excellent candidate.