Helping Farmers
The Shiv Yog initiative for farmers is actually a multi-purpose one in that it is a win-win for all the parties from the farmer to the consumer, from the environment to the government. Seeing the poor plight of the modern farmers in terms of a poverty stricken existence, unending financial debts, poor returns on investment, uncertainties of weather, lack of irrigation, over-dependence on pesticides and fertilizers, so on and so forth, it occurred to Baba ji that the rich wealth of wisdom in Shiv Yog had answers to all the modern agricultural conundrums. The farmer community was quick to capitalize on this realization of Baba ji and invited him to enlighten the community on holistic ways to enhance cultivation practices and benefit one and all. The embodiment of unconditional love that Baba ji is, he decided to grace free of cost programmes for farmers and through easy to practice and cost effective holistic processes of farming, revolutionize cultivation as it is practiced today in the country. Baba ji defined a holistic approach to agriculture using minimum external resources but maximum internal resources in a human being with novel concepts like cosmic fertilizers, farmer prosperity enhancement processes, tapping cosmic energy by farmers and spreading it to farmlands for overall increment in productivity, prosperity, happiness and eventually health of one and all. The benefits accrued to the farmers have led agriculture universities to now invite Baba ji for addressing their top boards and share his enlightened views and healing grace with the scientific community also.

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Farmers, agriculturists and researchers are amazed at the amazing results on crops, cattle and fields.

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