Healing Humanity


Babaji is affectionately known as the “Father of Indian Healing” and this is because Babaji began spreading the ancient science of healing with higher subtler energies of the Divine. The divine healing energies are very much present in nature and even within every human being, but it remains inactive due to layers of conditioning and negative influences of earlier negative karma. Babaji taught the mass openly the divine secrets of healing that were passed only in the Guru-disciple lineage, because Babaji believed it was time that every human know one’s own infinite powers and help oneself to heal their physical, mental and emotional bodies so that one learn to take courage and heal themselves out of challenging situations of life, so that one can focus on and reach higher goals of life. Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji also joins hands with his father and Guru in this noble mission of empowering people to activate their hidden powers.

Since one needs to be worthy to become a strong vessel to hold these powerful energies, one’s channels need to become open. This is done by the Guru, who through the process called shaktipath initiates the seeker with a deeksha (initiation). Shaktipath is the process of activating one’s powers lying dormant in the lowest chakra – mooladhara. After this the energy from this chakra rises upward through subtle energy channels that burn the karmic layers of ignorance. As one is able to clear blockages and cleanse these channels with the grace of the Guru, the divine energies heal the channels and etheric bodies where is stored karma. Healing starts taking place. As one practices the meditation and practices taught by Babaji and Ishan Shivanand ji, one can channel these energies and direct them towards healing of others and situations as one becomes the medium of the Guru and Divine to work for larger causes.