The Gurumandala

The sacred wisdom of Shiv Yog has among other things, a treasure trove of secrets about how through activation of inner powers any human being can get the key to untold prosperity, endless healing powers and knowledge about how to ascend on the ladder of existence and finally attain Self-Realization.

Such a sacrosanct science was kept under the wraps as otherwise, unbridled power in the hands of the uninitiated and impure people would tantamount to a gun in the hands of a small child – anything can happen. To safeguard this precious wisdom and to guide the genuine seekers to light, a pantheon, an elite group of sages was constituted by the divine powers that be.

inner_gurumandalaThis august group would be the upholders of the virtues required to possess this wisdom. The constituents of this bunch were an array of super-sages or Rishis and Gurus who had themselves acquired a very high position in the hierarchy of spiritual evolution. All these sages were an Awakened lot and formed a spiritual league to help humanity enjoy the divine bliss which they had themselves experienced.

In modern language and terms, a very rough analogy of this group would be the board of directors of an organization.  A closer analogy however, would be the hall of famers of an elite company.

The Guru Mandala is the fraternity of emissaries of God, who through their transcendental and subliminal ways, heal and lead one and all with the sole aim of spreading bliss, the purpose of incarnation of all human beings. These masters seek from God for every human to enjoy a life which is full of worldly comforts and spiritual accomplishments.

The reason for existence for the Guru Mandala in nature is to have an association of very powerful wisdom-holders who would show the way to those desirous of connecting to them in their capacity as ascended masters and renowned spiritual teachers.

A Self Realized Master himself, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji has often narrated how when he developed subtle sensory and extra sensory perception, through persistent spiritual contemplation, he received guidance from the Guru Mandala. In fact, at major spiritual milestones during his spiritual journey, the hallowed masters from the Guru Mandala have tutored Baba ji whenever he found himself tied in a conundrum. The release of undesirable emotions from Baba ji’s disposition during his heydays has been attributed in large measure by Baba ji himself to these ascended souls.

Redoubtable, renowned and extremely decorated saints like Lord Dattatreya, Adi Shankracharya, Baba Gorakhnath, Sant Baba Nagpal, Paramahansa Yogananda, Yuktesvar Maharaj, Mahavtar Baba, Nityanand Baba, 108 Swami Jagannath et al are some of the prominent ascended masters who form the Guru Mandala. And it is not as if that there is a count of the number of such evolved souls which comprise the Guru Mandala. There are a vast number of such ascended Gurus who have left their physical bodies, after having lived a life of piety, ascetism and renunciation. When physically alive, these spiritual dynamites meditated day in and day out for the welfare of humanity.

These saints are also credited with being the torchbearers of the Siddha lineage where a life is devoted to spiritual practice, to the extent that Spiritual Salvation or Awakening or Moksha or Self-Realization is achieved within this lifetime. As this happens, the awakened person who has mastered his senses and outgrown the materialistic pursuits, himself becomes a master to guide fellow seekers.

And after the physical lifespan, such souls become a part of the Guru Mandala, who in turn guide and protect humanity in their own subtle ways.

Finally, having attained Siddhatwa or Spiritual Perfection, while being physically alive and treading on the path of spreading smiles, a path which the venerated ascended masters have trodden, Baba ji has all the trappings to be in the revered Guru Mandala.