Amazing Experiences of Farmers

Babaji has been constantly on the move now in the villages of India, to uplift the poor farmers, to become self-dependant and totally empowered than succumbing to the ill-effects of chemicals, weather and other challenges that force farmers to take extreme steps like suicide. These programs are conducted free of cost for the sake of these farmers who take deeksha into the sacred ShivYog Healing processes and learn to heal their crops, cattle and conditions.

Many such shivirs were conducted and the farmers who attended the shivirs, learnt this ancient wisdom and practised it and were totally surprised at the results. Agriculture professionals and researchers also joined the task and studied the crops and conditions before and after healing, to report great positive changes. So much, that many of them spoke about their experiences, which are shared here for the benefit of those farmers who also can take life in their own hands and be blessed with the Divine grace. Below are their sharing: