DSS Deeksha

The Sacred Deeksha of Durga Saptshati can be received by attending a Durga Saptshati event and participating in the whole event fully. This sacred deeksha is bestowed upon an earnest seeker through the medium of audio and visual. The sacred intention of the Guru and the power of His sacred words is transfered through the medium of sound, which is going to be the prime content that is going to be rendered through audio-visual mediums at every Durga Saptshati events that are authorized and organized through the ashram. All you have to do is to dedicate your time and focus on attending the event and recieve the sacred deeksha which is now being made more available throughout the globe.

When going to a deeksha, the most basic essential prerequisite is the desire to receive the deeksha with utmost faith, sincerity, openness and surrender to the Divine Mother. The grace is limitless and in abundance – the more empty the vessel, the more you receive. Namah Shivay.

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