Dr. Shivanand’s Life Mission

Dr. Shivanand has dedicated his entire life to the uplift of mankind by various means of reaching out to the needy in the form of healing, selfoldaged-empowerment, animal welfare, tree plantation, feeding the hungry, educating children, owning the disowned, reaching out to old age homes, etc.

Dr. Shivanand’s prime mission is to offer solace to the suffering. He has for years   being striving reach food to the hungry, reach toys, books and clothes to poor children, reach cows into safe animal shelters, reach basic needs to orphans and the aged and to reach the ancient sacred wisdom to the common man. Dr. Shivanand is actively involved in planting as many trees as possible and wishes to have lakhs of trees planted in the years to come to support ecology.

Dr. Shivanand never accepts donations or contributions for this divine work and believes in working hard himself as a father does for his family.

Dr. Shivanand is a living Siddha, who has been moving with the backing forphanageorce of the Divine command and with the guiding force of His master, reaching this divine grace to millions through shivirs and events that He conducts for the mass. Coming from the lineage of Holy Siddhas and being graced by His Siddha masters, in form and beyond, Dr. Shivanand blesses one with the gift of shaktipat and divine sadhnas of the ancient masters, so that one can empower oneself to take responsibility of one’s life and circumstances by working upon the karmic influences with the appropriate powerful sadhnas. It is Dr. Shivanand’s prime vision that no child sleep hungry, no child be without education, no child have scarcity of clothes.
With these acts of kindness and compassion, Dr. Shivanand not only wishes to fulfill his soul agenda but also wishes to extend this as an example to those who strive to make the world a better place.

Among the pantheon of spiritual greats which the holy land of India has conceived, Dr. Shivanand would rank right up there. Not only because of his adherence to righteousness or dharma but for guiding millions to tread childrenon the same path of divine virtuousness and spiritual rectitude. After having himself attained Self-Realization through decades of sustained meditation, and after that the venerable position of a Shiv Yog Siddha Guru with a vast treasure trove of divine powers, Dr. Shivanand has firmly resolved to show one and all, the path to ever-lasting divine bliss which he himself has attained. Dr. Shivanand has revived in the modern times and pioneered Shiv Yog healing, the art of the Himalayan ascetics through which one can gain miraculous perfection in health, wealth and achieve untold spiritual ascension by first outgrowing every known worldly shortcoming through the rise of the Kundalini shakti or the Consciousness. Dr. Shivanand wishes to bring a holistic touch to every process of cure for every kind of problem in the modern age. Dr. Shivanand’s teachings of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness have found resonance among people across the globe, transforming uncountable lives for good. And if anything, this tremendous shower of unconditional love from his disciples has spurred Dr. Shivanand on to spread more of his grace in every nook and corner of this planet and even beyond – in the celestial world. The revered Dr. Shivanand is a rare and a suphospitaler precious gem for humanity as he is the only living and last of the Shiv Yog Siddhas, who are capable of delivering initiation in esoteric meditations of Shakti upasana (Shree Vidya) and Mahamrityunjaya sadhna (deep healing meditations) which are known to be the Mother of all meditations and hitherto a secret preserve of the mystics, yogis and saints of the Himalayas. By teaching rare spiritual crafts like scanning of energy blockages in the body through activation of intuitive powers and also how to heal by invocation of the love and kindness of Supreme Shiv-Shiva, Dr. Shivanand is fulfilling his dream of Loka Samasta sukhino bhavantu or may all be happy and peaceful. Dr. Shivanand’s goal of spreading his noble vision of universal happiness has manifested in him organizing innumerable bhandaras, langars, divine care for cows, ration distribution, toy distribution, old age home adoptions, school adoptions, empowerment endeavours for the underprivileged on a daily basis.

Dr. Shivanand’s outstanding contribution to mankind, helping usher in peace, love and tranquility by bridging the gap gaushalabetween man and God makes him an agent of God, if not an incarnation of God himself in human form. His state of divine equipoise and transcendence from the three gunas makes one believe more so in him being an avatar of Lord Shiva himself.

In toto, Dr. Shivanand is a happiest soul, a magnanimous humanitarian, aside from being an unparalleled healer, a one of his kind speaker, an altruistic philanthropist and a divine scientist with his profound experimental research on natural herbs as supreme medicines.

Today, all beings of nature – from animals to birds to plants to humans all feel privileged to be enjoying the largesse of the red-robed, divine hearted and Santa-like saint, both literally and figuratively– Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand.