Support to the Aged


Apart from sharing attention to the little angels who were born and discarded thus ending up in orphanages, Babaji’s compassion goes far towards those who are in the last years of their life, in old age, discarded by their own families, who end up in Old Age Homes being admitted by social workers or those who walked in themselves having no one to look after or those who were dropped in these shelters by their own families. Guruma and Ishan ji visit such old age homes where the aged find happiness with her visits and Ma’s regular treats with delicacies they love and are deprived of. They find contentment and peace from Guruma by receiving from her what they are most deprived of – love and kindness.

Many of them just wish to talk and hug and share their little stories with those whom they visit for them and all that they seek is one’s genuine interests in them and some time with them. Many of them are not much interested in eating or talking but they felt greatly reassured when someone genuinely ask them how they are. This indicates of the silent miseries that people in old age homes are going through, especially during times when they are nearing the transitioning phase between lives. So, seva to the aged is firstly offering them one’s unconditional love, kindness, and time. Secondly, providing them with their needs and desires which are not really much than protection from weather, hunger and other little basic needs of daily living. Babaji when he visited them, sat with them, sang with them, hugged them, ate with them, prayed for them and the high voltage cheerfulness on Babaji’s face, body language and actions were enough to convey his message of “Har haal mein khushi” meaning happiness in every circumstance of life. This can be a powerful message that sadhaks can actually convey through their actions and energies to uplift their weary nerves that stood witness to the various experiences of life and finally having to bear with the fear and sadness of yet being alone. Uplifting them, cheering them, and raising their energies and hopes towards a positive approach to this stage of life is the most powerful seva one can give to the aged.