Shiv Yog Organization

Shiv Yog organization is the foundation on which stands the pillars of Babaji’s strong teachings and contributions to the world at large through the multiple efforts and activities carried out by His manifestations. The organization has been actively involved in multiple social contributions, it’s base being ‘healing’. The organization began a decade back with Babaji’s effort to bring out the deep buried wisdom that He gained from His lifetime practice of consistent austerities. Starting from healing people from the grace and blessing of the healing powers that He had been blessed with, Babaji decided to not stop at that and to begin teaching the world and empower them with these powers too. Simultaneously, Babaji was involved in the various philantrophic activities, especially feeding the children and poor. Gradually, as it multiplied for a larger the organization was birthed by Babaji through which He began reaching the masses widely and efficiently. Eventually, His non-stop work for the life on earth brought it to what it is today – a large family network of the workers of light – the Shiv Yogis. Currently, the organization is actively involved in multiple projects in reviving and teaching various ancient near-extinct Indian sciences.

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Namah Shivay!